HMS Hibernia, Malta 1899

Lt Harold Ozanne joined the Royal Navy Mediterranean Fleet in July 1899 and was based on HMS Hibernia in Malta Harbour

After 12 years under construction in Plymouth, Hibernia was launched in 1804. She served as the Flag Ship of the Mediterraean fleet for nearly 50 years

She was then moored in Grand Harbour Malta for another 50 years as a depot ship

By the time Harold Ozanne joined her she was nearly 100 years old. Living conditions on board were such that in April 1900 Harold Ozanne was hospitalised with 'Mediterranean Fever' (Brucellosis) which is caused by drinking unpasteurised milk. Interestingly the officers were served fresh milk whilst the sailors had to make do with tinned.

Sailors (above) working on a boat on the deck of the Hibernia. 

The Hibernia was broken up for scrap in 1905 and her contents sold off; (above) a dresser from the Hibernia sold recently at auction in Malta.