On The Mole

Once alongside the Mole, the Royal Naval assault party used the two remaining ramps to charge onto the Mole

But the angle of the ramps was much steeper than had been expected

and the troops were met by a hail of fire from the guns on the Mole and from German ships in the harbour

Because Vindictive had overshot her position, the troops had to fight through barbed wire defences they had hoped to attack from the rear

Adams led Albert McKenzie and the few other troops who had managed to get onto the Mole, along the top of the parapet wall (above) and over the iron railings onto the main part of the Mole. 

Whilst this assault continued the blockships sailed into Zeebrugge harbour

A sketch of troops planting the Uion Flag on the Mole (but I am not sure if this really happened)