To Buckingham Palace

On 31 July 1918 Albert went to Buckingham Palace accompanied by his mother and sister Mary

He was presented with the Victoria Cross by King George V

British Pathe news clip of Buckingham Palace investiture

After his investiture Albert went back to his mother's house in Shorncliffe Road to a hero's welcome

British Pathe news clip of Albert returning to the East End of London

On the doorsteps of his home which was ablaze with coloured flags and bunting he was welcomed by the Mayor of Southwark, who said Albert's honour was unique in a double sense, in that he was the first London sailor to receive the Victoria Cross and also the first to be awarded it by the votes of his comrades. The mayor then thrilled the crowd by holding up Albert's blood-stained uniform and smashed wrist watch


A present of War Bonds and a Presentation Address from his many friends in the Parish of St Mark's Camberwell was given to his widowed mother. 'We are prouder of you than we can say' was the way the subscribers summed up their admiration for their fellow parishioners