HMS Phaeton near miss

Posted on Fri, 02/22/2013 - 10:07

HMS Phaeton had a near miss in Esquimault harbour when the American battleship USS Yorktown appeared out of the fog on a collision course.

From the New York Times
WARSHIPS NEARLY COLLlDE - HMS Phaeton and the USS Iowa Only Just Escape Disaster 
VICTORIA BC. 1 Aug 1900 Her Majesty’s steamship Phaeton which arrived here today from South America, had a narrow escape from collision with the United States warship Iowa last night. She was coming up the straits in a dense fog when suddenly the officer on watch discovered a large white man of war, which proved to be the Iowa, not two hundred yards away. 
The ships were proceeding in opposite directions and the officers recognized that escape from serious accident was very narrowly averted. The Iowa was on her way to San Francisco from Victoria where she has been for several days past. She had Admiral Kautz on board. 
The Phaeton was at Panama on July 12, but remained only one day, as in addition to the revolution, fever, and the rainy season made the place anything but an ideal one at which to make a stay. While at Callao, Capt. Kirby of the Phaeton was taken ill with yellow fever, from which he has now been ill for ten weeks, and is only slowly recovering. Two men died while the vessel was in the South.