“Boche bolting like rabbits “

Posted on Tue, 02/11/2014 - 09:47
After the successful attack on Miraumont Major Ozanne gave an official report to Battalion HQ and added the comment ‘the Boche bolting like rabbits’.  The Battalion Commanding Officer when reporting on to Brigade HQ repeated this rather un-military description not realising that he was speaking to the Brigadier, and not his signals officer. Realising his error the CO quickly changed his report to ‘Enemy retiring hastily sir, helped by our fire’. However ‘Boche bolting like rabbits’ went through to Corps and even Army HQ and was very well received.
The Commander in Chief departing from his usual practise, sent his congratulation direct to the Brigadier ‘’warmest congratulations on your success of operations on the 17th “
Major Ozanne was awarded the DSO for directing the consolidation of the position with marked ability. His courage and determination resulted in the holding of the position against enemy counter attacks.