Ian Marshall watercolour of HMS Phaeton

This wonderful 14" by 21" watercolour of HMS Phaeton at Esquimalt in 1887 was painted by the renowned marine artist Ian Marshall and sold for US$4500


J H Ozanne reference in National Archives Kew

The National Archives at Kew (which contain the records of the Colonial Office - mainly the correspondence to and from the Gambia Government). CO 87/142 (1892 files) include a letter from J H Ozanne dated 14 November 1892 from Bosqville, Bog Lane, Guernsey, which notes his appointment as a Travelling Commissioner at £300 per annum and states that he was willing to depart from England to the Gambia on 7 January 1893.

Harold Ozanne's cigarette case from 1903

Harold Ozanne's granddaughter Louise Counsell inherited his cigarette from her mother Susan Jolly (neé Ozanne). The case is enscribed 1903 which was the year that Harold returned to the UK from the Pacific on HMS Phaeton.


Royal Navy help with fund raising

In May 2014 a fund raising dinner was held by the Royal Navy at HMS Collingwood, hosted by Admiral The Right Honourable The Lord West of Spithead GCB DSC 

Royal British Legion release WW1 album

Decca Records are releasing a very special album of spoken word and music titled 'Forever' to commemorate the centenary of the First World War. The Prime Minister, comedians, soap stars, Hollywood actors and the cast of War Horse have all been brought together to mark the most haunting moments of the war.

Harold Ozanne's travel clock identified

A Swiss made travel clock has been identified by the original supplier, Hamilton and Inches of Edinburgh, as being made around the year 1900. This would coincide with Harold Ozanne's 21st Birthday and his departure for Vancouver Island to join the crew of HMS Phaeton. The clock is in the possession of his granddaughter.

Albert's 'Ditty Box' found in Canada

For some years before and during WW1 every naval rating was issued with a small wooden box with a lockable lid and a metal name tag. This box was used to keep all the sailor's personal and private possessions and other ‘commodities’ and thus became known a ‘ditty box’.

Albert’s ditty box is in the possession of the McKenzie family in Canada



Lieutenant Ozanne sings to his men

Lt Ozanne and the crew of HMS Phaeton crossed the Atlantic by passenger ship and then took the Canadian Pacific Railroad to join the vessel on Vancouver Island. During the trip various informal concerts were organised, and on one occasion Lt Ozanne sang 'Wrap me in my tarpaulin jacket' a song which was popular at the time;


Lady Bower's jewellery stolen - Paris1903


London, October 5 1903

That shit Shute

General Shute served in World War I in France and Belgium becoming General Officer Commanding of the Royal Naval Division in 1916. He had an intense dislike for the unconventional nautical traditions of the Royal Naval Division and made numerous unpopular attempts to stamp them out. Following a particularly critical inspection of the trenches by General Shute, an officer of the division Sub-Lieutenant A. P. Herbert, who later became a famous humorous writer, legal satirist and Member of Parliament, wrote a popular poem that summed up the feelings of the men of the RND: 


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