The Family

John Henry Ozanne CMG (1851-1902) Harold's father, British Commissioner in Gambia

Dr John Ozanne (1816-1864) Harold's grandfather, medical doctor and one of the founders of the Homeopathic movement

Sir Edward Chepmell Ozanne (1853-1929) Harold's uncle and Governor of Guernsey

General Edward Andree Wylde (1859-1925) Harold's father-in-law

James Sutherland Mitchell (1819-1893) Harold's wife's grandfather and owner of the Tooth Brewery, Australia

Air Marshall Sir William Gore Sutherland Mitchell (1888-1944) Harold's wife's cousin, appointed 'Black Rod' in 1940

James Graham Mitchell (1864-1930) Philanthropist

Ozanne Family Tree

Mckenzie or Ozanne: