The Result ?

Immediately after the Raid Admiral Keyes was hailed as a national hero and the attack was portrayed as a huge success. But over the years it has become clear that the Raid failed in its key objective and in many respects it can be argued that it was badly planned.

The bravery of those who took part cannot be denied as they knew they were on a suicide mission and yet they displayed the utmost courage.

But the main and lasting effect of the Raid is the huge boost to morale it gave to the British people in 1918. And the fact that the Raid is still remembered and commemorated every year in Dover, Zeebrugge and many other places, is a fitting tribute to those young men who died.

Whilst Vindictive's men attacked the Mole, the three blockships sailed into the harbour, two managed to scuttled themselves in the canal entrance and one further out in the harbour

although the objective was to prevent German vessels from using the canal, this failed as they could manoeuvre around the blockships

The submarine C5 was blown up underneath the viaduct as planned

but it did not completely sever communications and a small foot bridge remained



Indeed, nobody would doubt the courage of those who took part. But historians can not agree it the Raid met its aims, namely in confining the German U Boats .
I remember the subject being discussed sometime ago on the Great War Forum. I think it was a Belgian GWF pal who raised the point that Germany claimed that the Raid was a success! Their line was that the German defender saw off a full scale Royal Navy attack with very few casualties. And that the blockships didn't hinder the U Boat access to the North Sea.

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