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HMS Phaeton near miss

HMS Phaeton had a near miss in Esquimault harbour when the American battleship USS Yorktown appeared out of the fog on a collision course.

Cressy wreck found

In 2011 a Dutch salvage team discovered the wrecks of the Cressy, Hogue and Aboukir off the coast of the Netherlands.

Daily Mail report



Royal Marines changing name

The role of the Marines

Marines served as a professional military unit, both ashore and afloat, commanded by their own officers who in turn were directed by the naval Captain of the ship. Since 1755 Marines came under the Naval Discipline Act whilst at sea and to conform to the ships’ hierarchy it was rare to have a Marine officer above the rank of Captain aboard (equivalent to a naval First Lieutenant).

Royal Humane Society

Royal Humane Society, Bronze Medal Citations 1909

Signalman John Higgins  

Prince of Wales visits Chatham 1909

On 4th May 1909 His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales (later King George V) visited Chatham and had lunch with Colonel Wylde and the Officers of the Depot Royal marines at Deal.
This photograph from the Royal Marine Museum collection in Portsmouth shows the Prince of Wales with Colonel Edward Wylde is seated immediately on his left. Captain Harold Ozanne is fifth from the left in the back row


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